Sunday, October 5, 2008

What we eat

Well, I'm actually going to tell you about what we feed our dogs! Lou and Bear regularly eat Biljac. When Lou was pregnant, we switched her to Royal Canin puppy food. Its important for pregnant mamas to get puppy food because it has a higher fat content and helps to better nourish the pups. This continues while Lou is nursing, and once she had the pups and began nursing she has food available to her at all times. She reminds me of myself as a postpartum, nursing mom, in that her appetite is huge! Lou also gets a small wetfood treat once a day (usually Science Diet puppy food), along with her calcium supplement. We didn't start giving her calcium until after the puppies were born, because some research has linked puppy health problems to calcium supplements. She of course also has water available to her at all times. At around 4 weeks, the pups will begin weaning. They'll also get Royal Canin but will get babydog food to start.